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Our mission is to offer a unique and holistic tennis experience to people of all physical abilities, and from all social and geographical backgrounds, in a safe environment curated specifically for them.

At our core is dedication to foster the values of sportsmanship, discipline, and inclusion conveyed by our vision of tennis, through well-rounded activities and a culture embedded in fair play.

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In this introductory program played with slower Red Ball, players will learn the basic strokes and movements and co-ordination skills required for the game of Tennis. They will learn the rules of the game and how to score through fun competitions and games. This program design based on ITF Tennis 10’s uses special designed Red Balls which are larger in size and 75% slower that than the standard yellow balls allowing our young players to start learning the game and developing their co-ordination skills.

This program is for new players in age group 8 to 10 years and also serves as a progression level from Mini-RedTots. At this stage players will develop better command on their strokes and will learn game techniques and tactics. They will sharpen their skills through host of team and individual competitions. Students in this stage train with the ITF Stage 2 Orange ball which is 50% slower than the standard yellow ball & allows players to start learning the techniques and implement advance strokes. Court size is still smaller than full size court.

This Program is conducted in 2 levels. Beginner players in age group of 10 to 14 years start with Level 1 of Junior Champs while the players transitioning from Orange Aces will move to the Level 2 of Junior Champs. Junior Champs is played on a full court with ITF Stage 1 Green Ball which are only 25% slower than the standard yellow balls. The players in Level 2 move towards perfecting their strokes and techniques and preparing themselves for the competition. As players improve they are also shifted to standard yellow balls.

Tennis Pro Home Adults Tennis Programs are specially designed late evening programs ideal for working Adults allowing them to unwind with a wonderful game in a social environment. Special themed night each day of week allows players to try to work on and experience different game formats and aspects allowing them to improve their overall game and enjoy the evening with their Tennis buddies.

Some of our Themed Nights: Mixed Doubles, Ladies Night, Triples, Single Shot Challenge, Touch Tennis, Night Doubles.